A good friend of mine recently told me that my blog is filled with either man hating posts or Hello Kitty/Cupcake foolishness. It made me think.. Perhaps right now, that is exactly where I am mentally, I hate men and I like Hello Kitty and cupcakes. I never took blogging seriously as there are plenty of professional bloggers of which I have never claimed to be. This is just a collection of my random thoughts..  A way of me expressing myself rather than paying a therapist valuable shoe money to keep me sane. 

So. I gave it some consideration. Perhaps I am angry and hostile towards men. Not perhaps.. I am angry and hostile towards men. It is abundantly clear I have all sorts of resentment and unaddressed anger towards my ex. In one way or another I end up trashing him in my blog. 

The thing is.. My ex isn’t a bad guy at all.. Many would think he is a wonderful wonderful man. Hell.. Everyone who is NOT connected to me think he is the greatest guy since a piƱata filled with candy and mini liquor bottles. I have spent the last year focusing on and getting out of my system the things he did wrong or the things that he did to piss me off. Now I shall focus on the things he does right. It is time.. It is only fair.
I have to say I do feel sorry for him. He was waaaay in over his head with me. I doubt he would have ever been able to live up to my expectations considering he started so far behind the rest of the class. However, this is a positive post (or as positive as I can muster). I can say.. When it comes to BBQ not many unprofessional cooks can beat his food. He makes amazing mouth watering ribs, chicken, and brisket. I absolutely love his BBQ. He also is a very helpful guy. Whenever someone needed his help (not particularly his wife) he was always there to lend a hand. He also has a great sense of humor (not one that I particularly appreciate) but whenever he is around he is the life of the party. Another good quality is he is a hard worker. (I happened to work HARDER than he did but nonetheless he works hard) Oh oh oh! He is great with kids! Yes! I cannot take this away from him. He is great with children and babies. I did not provide him of his heart’s desire to have a child of his own but I have no fear he will be a father very soon. Yes! The ex has a fantastic rapport with children. 

It seems I still have a bunch of hostility and resentment left in the storehouse because almost every virtue I listed was followed by a snarky comment.  Perhaps in another year or so I can actually write a post about him that will not reek of backhanded compliments and venom. Till then.. Back to man hating, cupcakes, and Hello Kitty. 


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On May 1, 2010 at 6:48 AM , Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

haha, awwwww.
This is funny and a bit sad....cupcakes rule all tho.
You're on the right track girlie!!