I have a weird battle with weight.. When I gain it, it only appears around the middle, which makes me look like a sexy kangaroo. For the most part I am of average weight and not dumpy. (Plus devastatingly fashionable) A year ago I got a grip and lost 30 pounds. It wasn’t even work. They just.. well.. Melted off.. I did go to the gym but I did NOT go on a strict diet or try to earn the title of gym rat. The weight just left me, like an unwanted lover. 

I found a correlation between weight and lack of it. When I am happy and in good spirits, I weigh less. The moment I am even mildly depressed.. The weight comes back. Well.. Some of it has come back. I am annoyed. Perhaps, I must be depressed. My life is so hectic I don’t have time to even read as much as I used to. So. How do I even have the time to be depressed? Go figure. 
The good thing is I have identified the problem, which is the first step to solving it. Now the semi-hard work. I need to get myself on a regular gym schedule, clean up my eating habits, and perhaps find a bit of joy.  After all.. I want to look sexy, just not like a sexy kangaroo.