Music can change a mood almost immediately. It has the power of invoking emotions of happiness, joy, sadness, passion, anger, or even frustration. It runs the gambit of all human emotions then goes beyond what can be described through the lexicon of words. For every mood, there is a song to accompany it.  Music is a way to express yourself without the constraints of conversation. No one is immune to the power of music.

With this concept in mind, I capitalize upon the power of music. When I am feeling like the total ickness I put on my uber sexy self esteem building playlist. In a flash I feel as if I can conquer the world. Take my advice an make your own playlist to get out of a funky mood. It is cheaper than therapy AND doesn't add weight like chocolate.  I will share my playlist. The songs are all over the place in genre but hey.. I am a random type of girl.

Oracle's Uber Sexy Playlist
One from A Chorus Line
Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughn
Halle Berry She's So Fine by Hurricane Chris (random)
Beautiful by Snoop Dogg
One Thing by Amerie
Bang Bang Bang Bang by John Lee Hooker
The Best of What's Around by The Dave Matthew's Band
Black Magic Woman by Santana
Blood Sugar Sex Magik by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Come-on A My House by Rosemerry Clooney
Eh Hee by The Dave Matthew's Band
Even Flow by Pearl Jam
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix
The Girl from Ipanema by Eartha Kitt
Girls Girls Girls by Jay Z
Gold Digger by Kanye West
Human Nature by Madonna
Incense and Candles by Prince
Landslide by Stevie Nicks
Material Girl by Madonna
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Prince
Mouth by Bush
My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas (don't hold it against me)
No Scrubs by TLC
Overnight Scenario by Rare Essence
P.Y.T buy Michael Jackson
Pink Cashmere by Prince
Roc Boys by Jay Z
Rock Yo Hips by Crime Mob
See Me In The Club by Timberland
Super Freak by Rick James
Whip Appeal by Babyface
#!@ You Tonight by R Kelly and The Notorious BIG
You Want This by Janet Jackson

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On February 10, 2010 at 9:03 PM , aht4005 said...

Music just makes me feel good inside. Even when I'm feeling the worse. It makes my day or my week better whenever I hear a song that is one of my favorites

On March 21, 2010 at 4:55 AM , Anonymous said...

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