Dear Universe,

There are times I wonder if I am living the life I am supposed to be living. Like.. You know.. Some Matrix type stuff of Physics String Theory shit. Seriously. Can this really be MY life? Are you serious universe? Hello! Do you hear me? I am bored as hell and my life is nothing less than a snooze fest most of the time. I had an amazing childhood. Even my early adulthood rocked, but since the marriage and subsequent divorce I am CONVINCED somehow.. Somewhere.. Someone ELSE is living my AB FAB life and I am stuck with their mundane uber average extraordinarily ordinary ho hum life. It isn't fair. It just isn't fair I say! Hey Universe.. I want to do trade backs! There is no way I could have peaked early in life and since 30 I am in a down hill slide death roll into pedestrianess. There is NO DAMN WAY! I am too amazingly fabulous! I know this because I know ME. So what the hell? This is just a friendly reminder that it is Oracle you are dealing with and you need to treat me accordingly. Please schedule dissociative fugue so that I can walk away from all this plain mundane into the life of magical wonder of which I was destined to live. I do not mind forgetting the ghastly marriage either. We can call it even. 
Warm Regards,

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