So. Ok. The new gig didn’t work out as I had planned and luckily my old job hired me back. Today was my first day back working with the school system. Oddly enough, I am working with grade school children which isn’t really my raison d'être but getting a paycheck on a regular basis is. Since the school year just basically started the kids did this really cute introduction picture of themselves and wrote the cutest things. Some made me laugh, others made me wonder what type of household do they hail from. I liked the idea. So in the spirit of doing something new and fresh, I decided to do my own little introduction (said with a horrible French accent). Many people complain I am very mysterious, but for the most part if you OBSERVE me, you could find out quite a lot.

My name is The Oracle daughter of William and Evelyn. Younger sister to Nicklaus. Former wife of an asshole who shall remain nameless. Born in Bangkok, Thailand and Bedouin ever since. Speaker of many languages complete master of none. Horrific speller yet told an enchanting writer and sometimes poet. Possessor of several degrees yet still finding my way in the workforce. Lover of all things pink and anything elegant. Very lady like and enmity of anything remotely nouveau riche, tacky, or plain basse classe. Mildly psychic and Scorpio in all of Scorpio perfection. Wearer of high heeled shoes 99% of the time as I stroll encased in a perfumed cloud. Speaks in a colloquy of many languages in order to appropriately express myself. Consumer of Gentleman’s Jack and Ketel One. Voracious reader and ardent fact checker. Mildly suspicious yet charming enough not to let on. Surfer, dancer, prancer, and a vixen. Called a Succubus too many times to count and proud of the comparison. Leaves lasting impressions on lovers perhaps a heartbreaker, definitely a money maker and a times a deal breaker. Wears diamonds, pearls, and precious gems with effortless flair has amazing luxurious hair. Delighted by deviancy. The best and most loyal friend you could ever have, worse than the Furies if an adversary. Once I have decided a person is stupid, there is no road back to good graces. Polite to a fault and proud of my Southern manners. Infatuated with the ocean and always lived by water. Master of the psych game rarely gives up my real name. Paramour of wine, takes naps all the time can even write a rhyme because I am so divine. My self esteem is high, my tongue is sharp. I gravitate towards stillness and find perfection in silence I am the Oracle and I am a fusion of extremes tempered by intelligence, seasoned with humor and spiced by life.

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I loves you