It is Thursday July 23rd, 2009. All is quiet on the western front. This disturbs me sort of like the silence before the storm, or the moment prior to the shoe dropping. My spine is tingling with anticipation of the fuckery which all weekends seem to contain. I have no idea why my life is always in reverse of many other people. They live for the weekends. Well. NOT. ME. Weekends for me contain all sorts of bullshit that annoys the crap out of me. I shall cite how I am always going over to some person's house to sit around for hours doing nothing. Then usually after hours of starving to death some basically inedible meal is served. Not only is the food offensive to the pallet, it isn't nutritionally balanced either. So for me that is a fail fail. I have no idea why these people who shall remain nameless, always seem to serve like 3 starchy foods and no green vegetables. I would hate to know what their colons look like. I suppose Texans are focused on meat and lots of it. Never mind vegetables and perhaps a lovely tasty fruit course. I try not to hold people up to my standards, but they are ingrained in me and it is such a strain to smile every weekend and hide my disappointment with the fare I am forced to choke down. I never thought I would ever ever ever say this but, I am sick and tired of BBQ! I have developed an automatic gag when I see ribs. Just the smell turns my stomach. I also have grown tired of smoked meat of any variety. Can't do it anymore. Unfortunately, I cannot get out of these standing weekend dinners. I have tried every type of spingali trick I could come up with, and nothing has worked. This fox is unaccustomed to being out foxed. I feel as if the Borg have taken over my weekends, "resistance is futile". Grr. So. Tomorrow is Friday.. Let the fuckery begin. I can't wait till summer is over, so I won't have to go to so many of these weekend BBQ Miller Lite induced hellacious weekends.

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On July 25, 2009 at 12:49 PM , Admin said...

Tell them you are a vegetarian and ask if they will bbq you some veggies. that's what I do. take your own damn bag to bbq if you want.