So. I said I would blog more in the New Year to extract things that swim around in the canals of my mind. I tell my clients all the time they should write things down so they can decipher what the problem really is without all of the clutter marring up their focus. In my case, I know what the problem is. This one BIG problem has created all sorts of little problems which scurry around and make life difficult. It is almost like the movie Gremlins. Something cute and cuddly got wet, and then turned into something horrible, destructive, and just plain undesirable. Unfortunately bright lights do no harm to my Gremlin. I don’t want a Mogwai and I damn sure don’t want a Gremlin. I just want peace and quiet. Living in fear of the other stiletto dropping is taxing at best and ageing at worst. I have all the answers for everyone else. Hell.. I have all the answers for myself as well. One thing I am rather good at is facing reality. If I were on the Titanic, I would have been one of the first people on the boat with all of my furs and jewelry rowing the hell away from that damn ship. I know when to walk away and when to run. Usually I manage to avoid the fallout. This time I think I will suffer from some back draft. However, is it worth staying in a situation that you know is going to only get worse for the sake of being a good person? Or should you love yourself more and cut and run? I choose the latter. Just like Samantha Jones in the Sex in the City movie.. She loved him, but she loved herself more. I hope in 2009 women learn to love themselves more. I want them to put themselves first. And to have conviction that nothing can defeat a woman with a plan.
(I am NOT in an abusive relationship or anything like that.. So no need to call the shelter on my behalf. I am just annoyed and fed up.)

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