I believe in magic and that if you wish hard enough your wish will be granted.
I believe in the laughter of children and the smiles of little Boston Terrors ooops I mean Terriers.
 I believe in the infinite power of the ocean and being baptized in it as often as possible.
I believe sugar is as close to an angel's kiss as mortals can get.

I believe rainbows have a pot of gold on the other side.
I believe in dancing in the rain.

I believe in singing songs which are written spontaneously in your heart as loud as you possibly can.
I believe we can all be healed, when we are ready.
I believe ice cream is a magic elixir, also Jack Daniels.

I believe God loves us all no matter how awful we are.
I believe all women need one pair of super sexy shoes preferably in red.

I believe in miracles and with each sunrise possibilities are endless.
I believe when you take a nap you can hit the reset button on a crummy day.
I believe a good pedicure is better than going to the gym. 

I believe close friendships save thousands of dollars in therapy.
I believe in the power of the written word and strength leaps from every page read.
I believe the smell of my mother is the most comforting scent in the universe.

I believe the kiss of a lover is more delicious than cotton candy.

I believe sunshine and long walks cure depression.
I believe in the beauty of randomness. 
I believe any problem can be solved with diligence and prayer.

I believe in you.
Now just start believing in yourself.


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