Well.. Lately something has dawned on me. Men are really some big ass cheaters. Like. When I was younger, I don't think I was paying attention. I did know how to spot a married man pretending he was single. It was quite easy. He would meet you for lunch, never call on the weekends, and if he called at night it was in hushed tones. Not to say I was a complete master of the game. Once I was hanging around (read screwing the brains out) of a married man. He was clever enough to fool even me. One night after I wore him out, I caught him in his car changing into another set of clothes. Needless to say, I shut that down. Buuuuttt.. I digress.

Let's start again. Oracle over 30. Yeah.. Men are some big ass cheaters. I am definitely not in the market for a man. Not even close however, I am noticing some alarming trends. Men are overly anxious to cheat on their wives and girlfriends. VERY ANXIOUS. Honestly a friend of mine uses the word "thirsty" as an adjective for men who are just pressed to get some woman scent on them. Lately I am getting approached more frequently by men who I know for a fact are attached to another woman in one way or another YET they are sniffing around me like I have meat in my pocket. WHAT THE HELL? Honestly, I do work in an environment that is predominately male so I spend LOTS of time with men. Statistically I should account for the large quantities of proposals I get; yet even outside of my job the offers keep coming. I feel for the women of these infidels. Honestly I do. I am quite sure they have no idea their men are acting the ass while they are not around. I also wonder how many women of ill repute are taking these men up on their offers? Let me give you an example of what I am exposed to.

(Him) Hey Oracle. You are so sexy to me.. We should hook up.
(Me) Uh.. No.. And you have a girlfriend/wife anyway.
(Him) So. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
(Me) You disgust me. Go do your work!

(Him) I am a married man but my wife isn't doing it for me anymore.
(Me) So? What does that have to do with me?
(Him) I'm just sayin' maybe you can fill in.
(Me) Like a sexual pinch hitter?
(Him) *getting excited* Yeah yeah like that.
(Me) I hope you catch Herpes.

Those are just a few brief examples. There are many many many more. I do not take pleasure in these advances at all. However, I admit I have an extremely flirty personality but have no intention of crossing the line. That is just disloyal to my sisters. I might be a Succubus, but I do have a code of ethics.  I also don't call these wives or girlfriends and warn them about their men. Conversations like that just turn out messy and many times the messenger gets killed. Instead I become cold and distant to the male offender hoping they will get the message. I am sure they won't. Men are thick in the head. I am sure there are plenty of good men out there who stay faithful and don’t act an ass at work or during business lunches or when they are out of town during a conference. Regular non-cheating propositioning Craigslist trolling men. For the lot of cheating men a pox on you.. I say a pox sir! Shame on you for your crimes against women.


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