I totally believe in speaking things into existence. The spoken word has so much power. Once you say something and put your intent behind it the universe works with you. Speak. Believe. Manifest. So. In the spirit of speaking things into existence, I am going to speak write into existence what is going to happen to me in 2011.

1. I am going to leave the Nut Hut. I have done my time in Attica. Now I have the experience I needed to get a better and more financially appropriate position. They will give me glowing references as I was a model employee.  Also, I am leaving the Nut Hut on my own terms. When I am ready and without repercussions from the bitchasssy management. (you always have to be careful how you state things lest you get monkey pawed)

2. My next place of employment is going to be amazing. Basically this will be my dream job. Professional management, great co workers, wonderful working conditions.. Just an all around great fit for my talents. There will be growth and I will be appreciated. This will be the job I have been dreaming of my entire life. The benefits package is phenomenal. I will have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN about working here. I will stay as long as I want. This will be the missing piece sliding into place in my life. Oh and I will get paid well.. Very very very well.

3. My living conditions will improve. No need to elaborate. My home will be my haven. I will create a Paradise of peace, serenity, and happiness. I will be living exactly where I want to live with whom I want to live with. My home will contain all the people I love and who love me unconditionally.

4. I will finally lose the weight I gained at the Nut Hut. Last year I gave weight loss a lot of lip service without fully committing. I used the graveyard shift as a major reason why I couldn't go to the gym or eat properly. That is over. In 2011 I am going to lose 45 pounds. I've done it twice before and I will do it again. This time the weight loss is for good.

5. I will pay off the remaining credit card debt. I managed to rid myself of 3 credit cards in 2010. This year I will pay off the rest of them and maintain 4. Sidebar- I had 13 at one time. I know.. Bad Oracle. I did learn a lesson.

6. I will put myself first. Decisions will be made solely on how they effect me. I can't keep putting other people's feelings ahead of my happiness.

7. I will work less. It has come to my attention I am a workaholic. This year I will take time to enjoy life. Travel, travel, travel! In 2011 I am going to Costa Rica and Thailand/ Singapore. I said it out loud. Costa Rica and Singapore/ Thailand trips.

8. I will spend more time with my Mother. She is amazing and I adore her beyond words. In the end we have each other. I am going to do everything within my power to make her life comfortable and dazzling. I will also spend more time with my friends. They rock and I love them all. So to all the members of the Circle of Trust.. You will be seeing more of me in 2011 but you already knew that.

9. I will accessorize daily. I have great jewelry but sometimes I just don't take the time to put it on. in 2011 I am going to wear something special daily. Nothing lifts my spirits faster than my jewelry. I also will take time to put on cosmetics and perfume even if I am running late. No more excuses. I am going to be Oraclesque presentable every day. When I am in the mood I would pull myself together, but more often than not (depression) I didn't feel like it. NO MORE! I will look like myself every day.

10. I leave this space open for anything else I think of.. I am sure there will be.

Happy New Year to you all! May the best of 2010 be the worst of 2011!


 Dear 2011,

Last year was a year full of setbacks, hard work, people driving me to the edge of sanity, financial scrapes,  and a whole wealth of bullshit. I have great expectations for you 2011 as 2010 turned out to be a jankey bossy boyfriend with bad credit and suspected VD. Basically something that I am delighted it is behind me. You see 2011,  you have so much promise, potential, and hope. I have put a lot of preparation into you. Great care and planning to make and mold you, yes YOU my breakout year. All the planets are aligned. All the sacrifices have been made prior to your arrival. I am paid in full.  So you see.. All you have to do is deliver. I did my part, and will continue to work diligently with you to make this year the best ever. I have come out of the dark tunnel victorious. The Allegory of my Cave is over. It is my turn to shine. Hell. I toiled hard enough. I deserve it. 90 hour work weeks, sleeping 3 hours a day if that, paying down enormous debt, working in one of the most dangerous places in Houston, the toll of working nights has had on my body,  being away from my family and friends.. The list goes on and on. I am just giving you insight into why my expectations are so seemingly astronomical. The chickens have come home to roost.  After all I have made the impossible possible.. I made it look easy AND I did it in heels. So. The heartbreaks, back breaking work, and sacrifices are over. I'm ready for you. I am now ready to enjoy my life and stop putting my hopes into a better future while suffering though the now. The future is here and my time is NOW.

laissez les bons temps rouler