Sadly I live in the past more than I would like. I am always thinking of how I could have some something better or differently. Trying to figure out how to correct past mistakes or wondering where I can find a time machine. Luckily, with all this reflection on the past, I rarely make the same mistakes twice.

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Considering I am a workaholic, my plans for my first weekend off this month is to lay in bed and watch tv. I am meeting my plan swimmingly!

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My last 24 hours would be spent with people I love unconditionally. My Mom, 2 best friends, and my first real boyfriend. They all get along so we would hang around the lake house, cook an amazing meal, drink wine, and eat copious amounts of sweets. I shouldn't wait for my last day on earth to do this. Perhaps I should schedule this soon.

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LOL! Well thank you. I tend to be too serious most of the time, so I try to temper it with absolute foolishness in hopes of finding a midpoint. Smart no. I've just packed a lot of experience into my life. Experience is the best teacher.

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The worst movie I have ever seen is and 80's movie called "The Stuff" tied with "Blue Velvet" or "Pink Cadillac"

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My favorite so bad it is good film is Hustle and Flow..

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My favorite season is spring. Signifies the end of winter and all things are sprouting and growing. Spring is the season of hope and possiblity plus it is warm and not too hot. I love spring colors pinks, yellows, purples, corals.... Yes. Spring is for me. I love everything it stands for. Hope SPRINGS eternal.

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I have been a follower of the Laws of Attraction for many many years. However, in life we get caught up in the day to day mundane tasks of living and lose track of the bigger picture. Positive thinking can be usurped with constant worrying and a revolving track of negative thoughts which continuously buzz around our heads like a group of killer bees. We get lazy in our approach to life. We get so wrapped up in SURVIVING that we stop LIVING. There is a difference between existing and actually taking an active part in steering our personal ship in the direction we desire it to go. I am so guilty of this. I forget that I am my thoughts. I construct my future. When I play negative or non-productive scripts endlessly in my mind, I am doing nothing but attracting more strife and difficulty. Well.. I've had enough. I am tired of being a mouse on a rat wheel running as fast as I can yet, getting absolutely nowhere.

SO I stopped.. I let go.. I focused my intention. I started actively using the Law of Attraction.

The BIGGEST and most pervasive  issue in my life currently is my job. I do not like it. It is killing me slowly. I have been complaining for months and just recently actively started looking for another one. The problem is.. I was attracting the wrong thing. In my head I kept thinking I will never ever get out of here. My mind was focused in the absolute incorrect direction. Although I was doing the right things like applying for jobs, I was going about it in the wrong way. I wanted ANYTHING.. ANYTHING to get me out of the Nut Hut. I was spreading my intent all over the place and getting zero results. Garbage in Garbage out. None of the job listings I saw excited me. It was more like I could do this until I found something better.. The pay is not good enough.. I suppose I could tolerate this. I am not qualified to do this but if I tweak my resume maybe I could fake it. Not good folks. Not good at all. None of those thoughts were positive NOR did they draw anything of worth to me.

Then! I saw a job a actually would LOVE. A job I feel is perfect for my skill set. A career with a company I have always (secretly) wanted to work for, doing something I feel my soul is on this earth to do. Unfortunately, the negative soundtrack started. It is a long shot. I am not qualified. I will never get it. Why bother to apply? Waste of time. You don't deserve to make this much money yet..

What am I thinking? I am sabotaging myself before I started. So. I took a step back. Thought about it. Shut myself up. Took a cleansing breath. And now.. I am going to go for it.


I want to pass along some of the tips of the Law of Attraction. I think it has always been my duty to share what I have learned with others to improve their situations.

You Become What You Think You Can (so think BIG you deserve it)
Your Intentions Become Reality 
Constant Negative Thoughts Reinforce and Attract Negativity

4 Steps to the Law of Attraction
   1. Ask- It is important to be extremely specific and to use positive words full of meaning.
   2. Believe- Conduct yourself as if you have already received what you asked for.
   3. Receive- This is when what you ask for is manifested into your life. 
   4. Gratitude- Be grateful for your wish as well as everything else you have.

Sounds easy right? It takes a lot of work to turn around our thinking from negative to positive. Here is an example of turning around your thoughts:

WRONG "I will never save $10,000.00 or I want $10,000.00 saved in the bank"

RIGHT "I am happy and grateful I have $10,000.00 in the bank"

Believe in it, believe in yourself, and it will all manifest in no time. The universe has a way of working quite quickly.

I haven't done a Wordless Wednesday in a long long time. Thoughts to me have colors and scents. Today I am thinking in pink. I must be in a good mental place as pink is the color of femininity and nurturing. So.. Wordless Wednesday is titled THINKING IN PINK..

Hands down.. Karen Walker from Will and Grace.. HANDS DOWN

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This is the BEST question evah! It would be a dark chocolate ice cream with caramel ribbons with a dash of French sea salted caramels.

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Call me a gold digger if you like but after 10 years of being with  a man who never gave gifts (to be fair RARELY gave gifts), I think it is about time I am with a man who knows his way around a jewelry counter. Seriously.. They way to my heart is not through food, or long walks on the beach, or even making me feel like I have to focus all my energy on him to be good enough.. Nope.. No.. It is through diamonds and pearls. Prince kinda had the song a bit wrong in my estimation. Love is amazing but Diamonds are Forever.

I am getting older and honestly little pieces of trinkety kiddy jewelry is not going to cut it. I have moved past rings made of sterling silver or diamonds so small you need the Hubble telescope to see them. It is time for real grown up gifts and that remind me who my best friends truly are. I like my friends large and stunning.

I may not have a lot of things in common with Elizabeth Taylor, LORD knows I am not a world renowned beauty. However, her love of gems earns her a warm place in my heart. Richard Burton's knack of purchasing good quality jewelry earns him my desire for the ability to successfully clone  humans to hurry the hell up.

I have extravagant taste for sure. Hell I wore a 4 karat diamond tennis bracelet to the beach. Gucci, LeVian, Tiffany, David Yurman, Mikimoto.. All names that bring a shiver of joy to the cold cockles of my heart. It isn't like I haven't paid my dues going giftless for years and years and years. I've earned the right to expect small velvet boxes with galaxies of sparkles inside. Plus, in return I give amazing gifts as well.. My first boyfriend received a Gucci watch from me when we were 19. He may still have it as Gucci is timeless.

If the law of attraction is at work, my birthday this year will make up for a decade of disappointments and resentment. Annnnnnd if it doesn't pan out that way, I will buy MYSELF the baubles I feel I deserve. My jewelry box looks like a chest of pirate treasure and everyone knows pirates are always on the lookout for the next haul.

DISCLAIMER- The stunning jewelry was just one of the angles of the Taylor Burton saga..(I am materialistic but not THAT materialistic) She also called him her soul mate and great love of her life.. I am down of all of that and more. The jewelry just makes sure I am properly decorated. 

In life a person is lucky to have one true best friend. Someone who no matter what will give you unconditional love and support and an occasional kick in the ass. I must be double lucky because I have two best friends.

I spend a lot of time talking about Anne, but my OTHER best friend who I have known longer is named Heather. I feel as if we practically grew up together. My life is separated into two quadrants. Pre Heather and Post Heather. We met during my early twenties and although we are quite an unlikely duo, we are the closest of friends.. Sisters even. Luckily she isn't cutting a slice of the inheritance pie with me.

There are so many things I could say about her, silly anecdotes, scary ghost stories, foibles I got myself into and she pulled me out. Instead, I will list the 10 ten reasons why Heather ROCKS and why I love her so intensely, deeply, madly, and for eternity.


1. She fights all my battles for me. As a Leo she is fiercely loyal. If something is going down Heather is the FIRST person to show up and the LAST person to leave. She has saved me from the jaws of death many many many times. Don't mess with her either. She is in the Roller Derby!  Once I kicked a guy in the back because he wouldn't let me have his seat at a club (I was young and under the influence of Jack Daniels) needless to say he was going to strangle me until she jumped in and had him thrown out of the club. Sadly, a zillion more incidents like this have happened since then. I just can't keep my saucy mouth shut.

2. She lets me be me. Never critical amazingly supportive.

3. She is one of the few people I let boss me around. If she tells me to do something I just do it rather than complain. In reality I am older than Heather, yet she is definitely the Alpha in our relationship. Which is fine. I am the Alpha in all of my other relationships. It is easy to let go of control upon occasion.

4. Heather is extraordinarily smart! Wow is she a mini genius. She is also a perfectionist. If you want something done correctly and efficiently call her. She totally kicks ass in everything she does. Heather is the best of the best of the BEST.

5. We have so much fun together doing nothing. Plus we jabber so much we talk with our mouths full. Whatever we have to say is too important, no need to swallow. Just keep the conversation flowing. Most times we just sit around and talk about nothing and everything. These moments make up the best parts of my life.

6. She let me sleep with her when I have nightmares. Once we lived in a haunted house. No seriously. The house was haunted. My room was the MOST HAUNTED. Every night at 3AM the ghost would bother me and I would race down the hallway and jump into bed with her. After about a month I had my own pillow and blanket on her bed. I was so happy to move out of the ghost house.

7. She gave me the best gift ever. My beloved dog Willie Wonka the Springiest of Springer Spaniels. Willie was the best companion, baby, dog in the entire world. She started training Frasier C Puppykins and I have noticed he is better after a week of Heather Boot Camp.

8. Heather is a walking pharmacy. Whenever you need anything from a band aid to a nerve pill, she digs in her bag of tricks and whips out a remedy for whatever ails you.

9. She is one of the few people who has seen me cry. Oddly enough she was laughing the entire time, then called me a drama queen. She ALSO has HORRIBLE pictures of me before I got my look together, IE pre Nordstrom job. I have to stay in her good graces otherwise those pictures might see the light of day.

10. Heather has the biggest heart in the entire universe. When I am with her I can be silly and sing songy, easy breezy free, light hearted, and childish. I ONLY act this way with her. Everyone else gets the ice queen.

Annnnnd that is only scratching the surface of why I love her so much. She is just beyond amazing and I am lucky to have her as my best friend and personal hero. She gives me courage, laughter, unconditional unwavering love, compassion, friendship.. Scratch friendship.. We are family and I wouldn't have it any other way. Heather I love you like crazy, but don't ever let me dress up for Halloween and paint my lips silver ever ever ever ever again. You let me play myself. Then again... I did let her dye her hair Euro-Trash white blond then pumpkin orange. Meh. We are even.