What is a Lady? The dictionary states she is:
A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior.

a. A woman regarded as proper and virtuous.
b. A well-behaved young girl.
c. A woman who is the head of a household.
d. A woman, especially when spoken of or to in a polite way.
e. A woman to whom a man is romantically attached.

The definition of a lady has evolved over time however; some elements of ladylike behavior have not changed.  A well-behaved young girl. Ladies do not behave like sluts. At least not in public.. Insert saucy Oracle wink.

One thing I really pride myself on is being a lady. I try to be as mannerable as possible at all times. Through my words and actions I convey the epitome of a ladylike Southern Belle. It is my nature as I come from a LONG LINE of ladies.  My Mother is a lady, as her mother was, as her mother was. If I were to ever exhibit unladylike behavior in front of my Mother she would skin me alive. Well not really, but she would scold me in her nice nasty way that only a lady can accomplish. It is a great skill to insult someone in such a charming way; they smile unknowingly the recipient of a verbal whipping. I admit, although I am very very hyper feminine and ladylike, I do have a sexual edge to my personality. A sort of hybrid between Julia Sugarbaker and Mae West if you will. I am a notorious flirt. NOTORIOUS! These days I am finding it hard to hold conversations with men and keep my ladylike speech intact. In fact, I feel like being less of a lady and more of a common woman as it seems that is what men desire to deal with.

Unfortunately, some men do not get the double entandres as sport flirting. They take things meant lightly and in flirtatious jest way way too  seriously.  There is an art of flirting, and with like all art, not everyone appreciates or understands it. For my part in men getting the wrong idea, I totally accept my part of the blame concerning these matters of misconstruing intentions. Lately, I have noticed society has taken a turn towards overtly hypersexual behavior. This is distressing for me. Men are approaching me with the intentions of sleeping with me before even asking me what my last name is. IF they even bother. My inbox is overflowing with penis pictures from random men I don’t even know. The most over the top encounter if you want to call it that was a man sent me a video of him having sex with another woman with the tag line “You are Next”. When did it become OK to approach a lady like this? When did women become completely subjugated to sexual objects whose only worth is to service the carnal needs of basically strangers at their whim? (I know historically this has always been the case as Women’s Studies was my minor, yet it doesn’t make it less annoying) When did sex become less intimate and cheapened to something thrown around capriciously like frat party confetti?

we need less of this 
and more of this

I have been wondering about the motives of men these days. How many women do they approach who actually just fall directly into bed with men because they ask?  There must be women out there that do this otherwise this cavemanish tactic would not be so prevalent. When did this become the norm rather than the exception? Why is this sanctioned? It is blatantly obvious that society is over sexualized. But my God… There used to be clear and distant lines drawn. Men knew whom they could get away with such behavior with and whom they knew not to even approach with such foolishness. Men knew how to treat a lady. NOW, they are stepping to all of us excepting oral stimulation, the ability to leave their “gifts” on our faces, the right to demand anal sex, and a myriad of other debaucheries, which I will spare you from reading.

By no means am I a prude. Quite the contrary actually. I mean come on.. I am a Scorpio, but let’s build up to these things. Get to know each other first. Damn. I am not going to perform Geisha type experiences for a man who doesn’t even know what my favorite color is pink or that I like Dahlias and hate roses. The rush to skip over the pleasantries of knowing someone and reducing them to a sexual object is just.. Cheap, empty, and unsatisfying. The problem with not being satiated the first time is you are left ravenous and on a mission to quench the hunger. Basically random sex just begets more random sex.

Men are treating women like highly sexualized objects and not like ladies. Women are allowing men to treat them like forgettable whores and not reminding them they should act like gentlemen. This phenomenon is distressing, as unfortunately I have to constantly reintroduce myself. I am Oracle. I am a lady. I am not going to capriciously fall into bed with you just because you believe it is your right to feast on the delights of my body. I am like an exclusive Shoppe.. If you want to touch the merchandise, not only do you have to have an invitation to get to the door, I have to buzz you in.
More of this
 less of this


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