My connection with the universe is uncanny and I have a talent for knowing what is around the corner. Usually I meditate or through dreams, the future comes to me. When I listen to my inner voice, good things always happen. I’ve made my best decisions using my intuition, and the worst ones when I ignored it. Lately, I seem to be offline and unfocused. I know where I want to go, but the pathway to get there seems to be veiled from me at the moment. So. I decided to rely on an old trick of mine. Cards.
Oddly enough I do not particularly use tarot cards, but I do have a set of non-tarot tarotishlike cards. As always the answers to my questions made me laugh, cry, and gave me insight into things I need to place more focus on and things I need to just let go.  I am always shocked how dead on they are.
Q: Does the one I think about think about me?
A: Not now but you could bring it about if you cared to do so.
Q: Will there be a change of residence for me before long?
A: Yes if another person can manage it.
Q: Can I win the love I desire?
A: You can do so.
Q: What does the man whom I love really think of me?
A: Very kind, good-humored, but might be wiser (don’t know how to take this)
Q: Shall I have any children?
A: Several (really? Damn. When?)
Q: What does the immediate future hold for me?
A: a short journey with a pleasant ending
Q: Shall I be fortunate in business?
A: Yes in spite of many errors in judgment.
Q: Have I already met my future life partner?
A: One you know and one you do not know yet. (Creepy)
Q: Will my present worries last long?
A: Half the time they have already lasted.
Q: Ought I continue to live under the same roof as I am now?
A: Not if you can see your way to another arrangement.
            Asked again for more clarity
            A: NO! (lmao)
Q: How will the world use me?
A: It will demand a great deal out of you and recieve it (no truer words said)

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