Nobody makes me doubt my sanity… except my ex. He makes me doubt his sanity, my sanity, and reality all at the same time. Whenever we have a conversation (read preamble to an argument) I not only wonder what planet is he from but how did I get transported to it without my knowledge or consent. We have completely different communication styles and I have a tendency to loose patience with his because it is well.. Fragmented. He never ever gets to the point in a concise succinct way. That is because his mind is all over the place. Sort of like chaos fighting to make sense but all it does is wear itself out and me too by default. And reasoning with him.. Forget it. Unless he believes it is his idea, he is not trying to hear it. Sigh.. I try to keep our interactions to a bare minimum.. But lately, he has been coming around more. For what.. I have no idea.

For fun… I did a compatibility chart on the two of us.. Eye opening.. I had a conversation with my mom recently where I came clean and told here I didn’t want to marry him a month before we got married and was looking for a way out. She looked at me as if I was the most foolish child in the world and asked “well why didn’t you just call it off?” Call it off? CALL IT OFF? After the invitations had been purchased, the wedding dress purchased, my rings purchased, venue booked and deposits sent (all her money).. I felt obligated to marry him. If I had read this compatibility chart.. I WOULD HAVE called it off. We had no hope from the beginning.

“as a couple you will have to prepare for some pretty intense times (read sucky ones). Gemini is light-hearted, FRIVLOUS, intellectual (not in the least). Your communication styles are different (no damn joke) you prefer subjects about one subject yet Gemini like to talk about a multitude of things (comes in handy when you are trying to solve problems. Talk for hours about everything and get NOTHING resolved) your planets do not get along easily with each other, which creates uneasiness in your relationship. (Whenever I see him or hear his voice my spine tightens up and I get an instant headache) Geminis live in their heads and cannot express themselves well. They know what they want to express yet, can’t quite get it out. (Yet I got lectures on how communication is the KEY from a person who was unable to communicate) This is the kicker.. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE PATIENT WITH THE GEMINI AND TEACH THEM ABOUT SEX! (No truer statement has ever been written)

I swear.. I wish I had known of this site years ago. We would have never even gone on a first date much less get married. I try to focus on the lessons I learned in our time together. It may not have all been negative, but damn if I can pinpoint a positive. Bitter? Yes.. But I do have a handy website now to reference anybody who crosses my path.

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