I admit.. I spend waaaay too much time on twitter. However, many of the people I tweet with I feel have become my internet friends and family. There are days in which I do not quite feel complete without talking with certain people online about well.. absolutely nothing. But that is the beauty of it. Talking about absolutely nothing allows people to let their guard down and just be themselves. So in turn, I have very genuine uncomplicated relationships with people on twitter.

It was through one of these twitterships that I was the recipient of such a random act of kindness I was brought to tears. One of the people I tweet with knows so much about me that she sent me a box of holiday treats! Not just ANY treats mind you.. Treats I like. I suppose I tweet about cookies and cupcakes enough to get a rep as a sweets addict of some sort. Which is actually true. I am. But I digress. This absolutely wonderful person does not know who I am outside of the constraints of the twitterverse yet, she took the time to mail me such a lovely gift that it put me in the spirit of giving and passing on the holiday spirit. So. Although, the holidays have passed, I challenge all of us to each week do one small or large if you are feeling randy, act of kindness. It will make you feel so much better. Who knows? If we keep passing around the vibe of goodness the world will eventually be a better place in no time. Whenever I perform my acts of random kindness I say I am doing a Pink Cupcake. One kindness at a time to be passed on. They always come back to you, twofold sweeter than ever.

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