I previously wrote a post about getting a new Boston Terrier puppy. Well he is home and it was quite an ordeal. I should have known something was shady about the "breeder" when the price of the puppy changed several times. When I first contacted her about her upcoming litter of puppies, she quoted me one price then after the litter had been delivered, the price of the puppy went up. I was so wrapped up in excitement over getting a puppy born 7 days before my birthday that I overlooked the warning signs. I sent my deposit and patiently waited for him to be ready for pick up. In the mean time, I showed the website to my best friend. She IMMEDIATELY called the place a puppy mill and had other choice jokes connected with this "breeder". Here are a few pieces of her handy work.

After viewing this picture, I began to change my mind. Anne had taken MORE time than I had to look at  the website. Since she already had my money, I started to justify my decision to continue with the purchase of the boston terrier puppy. Well.. Flash forward to December. The "breeder" contacted me and wanted to know when I would be picking up the puppy since she had two.. yes TWO new litters coming in December. The puppy was born November 10th.. She wanted me to pick him up December 20th. Call me crazy but I thought it was too early. The puppy was barely 6 weeks old. I consulted Anne as I always do and she stressed I needed to "liberate the puppy from the puppy mill ASAP before he is scarred for life". I drove in the snow (in Texas no less) for 5 hours only to arrive at a shanty which I was SURE wasn't her house. It was in the middle of nowhere and falling down. For the prices she is charging for these puppies, her home should have been a palace.  I climbed up the cinderblock which I suppose was the step and knocked on a door soo rickety it opened. Out comes this loud, cigarette smoke scented, skeleton of a woman. She quickly ushered me into the "house" and down a "hallway" into a room which contained several cages with dogs and a suspect space heater. The house was so chilly I didn't dare remove my coat. Then.. I saw him. My puppy was in a pen covered in poo and mewing his life away. I wanted to snatch my baby up and race out of the house, however I needed to settle up with this woman. She gave me all sorts of paperwork which under different circumstances I would have believed were on the up and up. Since they are connected to her, I am sure they are worth the paper they are printed on. Then she snatched the cash out of my hand and greedily counted it in front of me. I was led back to the dog dungeon holding my breath all the while. She scooped up the puppy and I wrapped him up in the blanket I brought as he was filthy and shivering. I barely said goodbye as I leaped off her porch and ran to my car with my baby. As soon as the car was a few miles down the road I pulled over to inspect him and give him a quick bath. Lo and behold.. He was COVERED in FLEAS! I had the foresight to bring flea spray. The poor puppy was doused within an inch of his life with the stuff and I GPSed the closest Pet Smart. Once there I raced in and pleaded my case to the wonderful women in the grooming center. They took pity on me and gave him a bath. During the time he was getting all gussied up I threw away the first blanket and purchased another. I am convinced it was flea infested. When I picked him up, he was the cutest sweetest smelling puppy ever. And it was right then, I fell in love.

 I have barely had the puppy a week and he is the sunshine in my life. He makes me smile and laugh all day long with his antics. I am sure to blog about the silly stuff he does. I reported the "breeder" to the humane society by the way. I hope they shut that puppy mill down. I am thankful for my little baby but do not want another dog to suffer the way I know they are suffering under her "care". I might have bought a dog from a "breeder" but in all reality I rescued a puppy. He came from a puppy mill but I have nothing but puppy love for him.

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On January 4, 2010 at 6:03 PM , Ari said...

Awwww he is adorable!!! Sounds like a horrid place but I'm glad you rescued that little guy. Hope to see more pics of him in the future.

Btw... name??

On January 4, 2010 at 8:49 PM , Ashley said...

Oh my god. Im so glad you reported them. I would have given you a stern lecture about how your money supported the evilness had you not.
He is a super cute pup though! And Im shocked that she had you take him so early. In my state, its illegal to get a puppy even a day before 6 weeks.

On January 5, 2010 at 6:21 AM , NYCrochet said...

I hate to say this, because I'm glad that this puppy is with you now, but by supporting her "business" you are only giving her the means to continue abusing dogs. Please report her to your local animal agency, and next time, consider adopting a shelter pet who would otherwise be put to death. They are just as cute, I assure you.