What I need is a damn vacation. My bestie Anne and I were going on a liberation vacation this year, unfortunately circumstances totally postponed this trip. Instead I am working my ass off and hopefully next year we can go to the place where it all started for Oracle. I've always thought I was just a bit more special than most people because I was born in an exotic country. Annnnnd.. I'm right.

Since I can't take a REAL vaycay.  I am going to take a virtual vacation to the land of my birth. Here it is! My vacation!
 Yes ladies and gentlemen.. I was born in Thailand.. Bangkok to be exact. Once the juvenile laughter has died down we will continue our virtual vacation.

 I would stay at a lovely hotel in Bangkok

 Basically go to the spa almost every day for  treatments. I am quite partial to hot stone massages.
I would visit the market and eat street vendor food. Health Department standards be damned! I am adventurous and on vacation.

I would also visit the water market for fruit and ambiance.

Why take a regular taxi when you can take a chuck chuck?

I would go see a few Thai dance shows. Their hand motions covey the most gossamer beauty. When I was younger I learned a few native Thai dances. 

I would also eat Thai food in fancy restaurants.

This is the palace where I am  CONVINCED I was born. As you all know I AM ROYALTY.

I would visit  Buddhist temples. After all I am in need of peace and serenity. I would turn prayer wheels and chant with monks in tranquility.
Thailand is known for their sapphires. There is no way in the world I would leave without jewelry. Especially pink, yellow, orange, and blue sapphires. Perhaps some gold and jade as well.

I would also spend time at the beach. Snorkeling and scuba diving! I might even surf and go deep sea fishing. Take boat rides in glass bottom boats and admire brightly colored fish and coral. 

More temples!

After all that excitement I would lounge by the water and read a book.

Yep! That would be my vacation. It was all planned out. Sadly this holiday I am stuck in Texas, but I do have Puppykins to keep me company. So perhaps things aren't so bad. 


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On December 13, 2010 at 8:31 PM , Anonymous said...

We WILL TAKE that Liberation Vacation. I want to go to Thailand Goddamnit!