So. Updates!

I am in bed sick as 4 dogs after spending all night dancing and drinking Jamaican Rum Punch Saturday night. Baaaad idea. I was just fine till I woke up this morning and started the all day pukeathon. Basically throwing up has taken over my life. The only entity fascinated by this is Puppykins as the sound of me retching is so horrifying he barks at the toilet. LOUDLY. Which was no bueno. As a special treat.. Halloween was ruined. I specifically took of Halloween so I could go out and partay with my gay male friends. Nobody does Halloween like gay men. So yeah. On the UPSIDE.. Hopefully I will have lost some weight. I am SURE I've lost weight. I mean come on. 9 hours of yacking? I feel like a 16 year old bulimic.

Speaking of losing weight. Uh yeah.. That whole diet and exercise post I did.. Went right out the window. I haven't done one single proactive thing towards losing weight. NOT ONE THING. I'm eating pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches, Chinese food, Greek food.. Let's just say. I'm eating everything I want and none of it is on the healthy food chart. No guilt either. I will cross the diet exercise bridge when I have time to give it the attention it needs.

Also, I have managed to develop a MAJOR crush on this guy I work with and BOY does this make life messy as hell.. The man has a girlfriend, he is divorced, he has 3 CHILDREN.. But.. Somehow Someway he has entered my stratosphere of consciousness. Most of the men I work with are like moving wallpaper to me. I barely know their names BUT this guy.. *heavy sigh* This guy.. Nothing will ever come of this, however he does make the workplace MUCH MORE fun.

 I have also decided to leave Libras alone. I sent out the cosmic signal for Libras last year and I was practically bombarded by them. I was meeting Libras everywhere. They bore me. Libras lack my kind of intense passion. So I am done with Libras. I NOW think Cancers are the deal. I think Cancers and Scorpios speak the same crazy. They are crazy.. I'm crazy.. It is a great cosmic match.

I have mended fences with the love of my life. Well sorta.. We just kinda glossed over everything and settled into being friends again like nothing happened. Which is fine with me. It might be a scorpio thing. I don't want to be forced into talking about anything unpleasant. Let's just move on like it never happened. My ex husband hated this quality as he DREADED GEMINI wanted to talk about everything to the inth degree.. I hated that. Big Time. I could tell when he wanted to discuss something that I believed is water under the bridge. Those were the times I would make myself scarce. I just didn't want to deal with all the unchangeables.

I am busily working on my Master Plan.. I can't really discuss it in depth considering I don't want to jinx it, but things are moving along nicely. 2011 is going to be my year thanks to carefully laid plans and expert execution.

My part time job at Macy's is turning pretty high profile for me. Who knew? I have never ever said I was the prettiest doll in the shop, but I do work what I have to the best of my ability. Lately, I am getting so much male attention it is even stunning me. The other night a guy wouldn't leave my department until I gave him my phone number. (I have him the phone number to Macy's. Never run off potential customers. Hey! I work on commission!) Then he tried to take a picture of me with his phone! What. The. HELL? If I didn't live this even I wouldn't believe it. Luckily Carmen the big busy body called security and they gave him a gentle reminder I was not for sale. I am also busily picking out what I am going to get for my birthday. It looks like a diamond and Tahitian pearl pendent and a Gucci watch.. I might throw in something else.

I didn't do a Shit I Bought at Macy's this week as it cost me an ungodly amount of money to get my hair done. It was worth every penny. I have Carmel highlights and chocolate low lites, an amazing bouncy cut which makes my face angular and slim. Soo yeah.. Love love  love my hairdresser who happens to be.. A CANCER! My hair hasn't looked this amazing in months. I refuse to cheat on her again with other people fuckin up my hair left and right.

I have a new obsession with painting my nails. I always get pedicures with cool designs on my big toes. Currently I have spiderwebs with a red spider on each for Halloween. (still salty and disappointed my holiday was ruined) I love OPI nail polish. Usually I wait until it goes on sale before I purchase it. I mean come on $12 for nail polish? Ridic..

However.. I am about to buy some $32 Chanel lipstick. I have a THING for Chanel lipsticks and lipglosses. I have like 5 Chanel glossimers. I totally recommend them. MAC lipglass is sticky.. I am always pulling my hair off of my lips thanks to the magnetic stickiness of MAC lipglass. Hence Chanel glossimer. Try it. Get back to me. You will love them. 

Am I happy? Working on it.
Am I sane? Was I ever?
Am I focused? Absolutely.


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