Soooo.. Yeah.. I have on and off worked a part time retail jobs for years for extra cash. I have this thing about being financially secure and when I feel I don't have enough scratch coming in, I always pick up a side hustle to supplement my income. I've worked everywhere from *gasp* Payless Shoes (way way way back in college and I NEVER bought one single pair of shoes from that store. Also the job didn't last as the smell of fake leather made me want to gag every shift) to Nordstrom (great job great perks). I just have a knack for sales. It might be my psych super powers.

I have a serious goal I am currently working towards, so to aid the cause, I got a part time job at Macy's in the Fine Jewelry department. It is a perfect fit as #1 I know tons about fine jewelry #2 the department is commission #3 I LOVE JEWELRY!! I might love it MORE than most people I know and a smidge less than Mom and Puppykins.. Just a smidge tho. Jewelry is really up there with me.

I have basically a Hit List of stuff in my department that I HAVE to HAVE or I will die. I have cleverly placed said items in the back of the safe waiting for them to go to clearance. In my quest to be as fabulous as I can possibly be I also like to save money. I have always wanted the best stuff but I refuse to pay retail. In fact.. The game plan is to pay way way way less than retail for everything.

I have always been a Macy's shopper. I am quite store/brand loyal. If you see me in something it has come from Macy's, Banana Republic, J Crew, Saks 5th Avenue, or Nemium Marcus. That's it! Those are basically the ONLY places I shop. Sometimes DSW and oh yes.. Marshall's and TJ Maxx.. So you can guess working part time in a department store is like giving a boozer a part time job at the Jack Daniel's distillery. Basically everywhere I look there is something I have to have. However, spending all of my extra cash at work is sort of counter productive so I have set up rules of engagement when it comes to buying stuff at work.

I can only shop once a week. I can not buy clothes. I have to have all purchases approved by my coworkers, AND at the end of the month I can get 1 big item IF and only IF I have lost weight. So far this is working out pretty well. I haven't spent a lot of money however, I have spent enough to where I went from the red associate card (the one everyone starts out with) to a platinum one. Since Mommy has a Black card I don't feel bad. I am just a minor shopper rather than a heavy hitter.

So. Each week I am going to post Shit I Bought at Macy's as sort of a way to keep a running visual on the stuff I buy and also as entertainment. I might even be shamed enough to return frivolous purchases. I rarely return anything so I am not sure how that is going to pan out. This blog may be a way of justifying my spending... But hey? I get a discount. And I deserve nice stuff. It also is a motivator to diet and exercise so that I get a big pay off at the end of the month. Right? RIGHT! Also it will show the world what an excellent shopper I am. Without further preamble..


I have been lusting after this watch for a long long long time. It is a Raymond Weil Don Giovanni watch beautifully set in stainless steel, Swiss motion, Sapphire crystal face, White Mother of Pearl face, set with 16 VS1 quality diamonds. This beauty normally retails for $1,400 but I snagged it for $588! Killllllahhhhh shopping skills.

Lucy Brand Laptop bag. Normally retails for$49 but I got it for $14.85! Oh yeah! I needed a new laptop bag and I also like Lucky Brand products very much. Win Win Winnah!
I wanted this one but they sold out before I could get my hands on it. Oh well. So is retail. If you don't snatch something up when you see it, it may not be there the next time you visit the store. 
The Saga Continues... Till Next Week!


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