Maybe I have been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle or something and missed when the tide turned. Is it just me or are men rather over sexualized these days? I mean get real! I am just stunned how bold they are about asking women for sex! Stunned I say! When did this start happening? I feel as if this new behavior is coming out of nowhere rather than a slow onslaught of foolishness. What the hell!?! I feel like I have been in a cave and now that I am out of hibernation the world has changed and left me behind. 

Let me explain what I am talking about if you are not as lucky as I to experience this.
Case Study #1 I work with a perfectly sane, handsome, and decent guy. The other night out of nowhere he puts his hand on my leg.. (Close to my yaya) squeezes it and tells me he would love to sleep with me. Like have a purely sexual relationship! Then I was told as if it were a compliment my breasts have been calling him all night and he needs to answer the call. This gentleman and I am using the term very loosely has a girlfriend. I know of this because he speaks of her. I asked him why was he propositioning me when he has someone else. His reply. Because I want you. HUH? Because you want me?
Case Study #2 Another co-worker asks me if I have any porn. WHAT? How do you formulate your lips to ask if someone has porn? Second who has it on DVD anymore anyway? Everyone gets his or her porn off the Internet for free! NO I do not have any porn DVDs to loan you! And NO I do NOT want to watch porn with you. EVER!
Case Study #3 Co-worker invited himself to my house to “beat them buns up”. Whatever that means, it doesn’t sound attractive or pleasurable in the least bit.
Case Study #4 Co-worker with my phone number sexed me a picture of his penis. I am VERY tempted after receiving such an impressive calling card but seriously. Eww.

Now these are just a few examples of the things that happen at work. Now let’s explore the antics of men that don’t even know my name.

Case Study #5 Guy off of twitter asked me to meet him at a motel NOTORIOUS for charging by the hour. Then was pissy when I said “Hell no”.
Case Study #6 Random guy at the mall wanted to know if my lips were as talented as they look.
Case Study #7 I am lumping many men into this case study. Men from various websites where I have pages send me pictures of them in various stages of undress. Full frontal and some enterprising men even give back shots. All of these pictures are unsolicited.
Case Study #8 Man at the car wash leered at me when my dress blew up in the wind then asked if he could taste the fruit of his labor. I think he was trying to be clever, but it was stupid and annoyed me
Case Study #9 Guy sitting next to me at the airport admired my legs and asked if I could wrap them around him.
Case Study #10 Another lumped category. Random men asking me to send them naked cheesecake pictures to their phones or email addresses. Um. No. Just. No. Refer to free Internet porn.
There are so many more Case Studies but if I documented them all my fingers would be bleeding from all the typing I would have to do.

So I began to wonder what vibe am I giving off? Why are men approaching me sexually and nothing else? Not an offer for coffee not even an offer to tie my damn shoe! Why sex? Why ONLY sex? As any good researcher does, I began to ask my male friends about this phenomenon. They hipped me to the game. Men will ask in hopes of a woman being slutty as hell and down for it. Sadly enough women fall for this tactic in hopes that it may lead to a relationship. OTHER women just go along with it because they are slutty slut bombs. Annnnd then there is the last group of women who just want sex with no strings attached. Either way. I do not fit in any of those categories. I have my own agenda and it is NOT falling into the bed of random men who want to adorn their sheets with my body. Not gonna happen. Ever. I think more women should shut men down so they have to rethink their tactics. Make it harder for them. Make them work for it. Why should it be so easy for men? Being a woman is hard as hell. Men should get a taste of the difficulties we go through on a daily basis without complaint. Then I am sure they would have more respect for us.


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On September 6, 2010 at 3:04 AM , Danelle said...

Haha I loved this blog post. I know how you feel! It's hard to find a guy who actually wants a relationship.. or even to take you out on a date! WTFFFF??? It seems like I get offers (for sexy time) all at once. Then its completely dead. For months maybe.. then I think.. dang should I have just gone for it? NO! I can't give in.. someday there will be someone.. just stand your ground. :)