I have always believed each chapter of my life has a theme or a title if you will.. A little while back I blogged about Summer Romance. Not a little while actually.. Like last year. Anndddd then I went to Italy.. If there is ever a place for romance it is Italy. IF that wasn’t enough, I also managed to make it to Jamaica. What a fantasy that trip was.  Island Spice and heat.. I'm not talking about the Jerk Chicken either. So. With the weather heating up, it is only fitting I christen this season with a theme and a title.

This summer will be the summer of Blood Sugar Sex Magic.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers had the right idea when they composed this song. (Although they spell it Majik.)  It has all of the elements of a good time. Well. It is missing liquor but I suppose Blood Sugar Sex LIQUOR Magic would have been too long of a title. So yeah Blood Sugar Sex Magic. Everything I like. Come on.. Who doesn’t like sugar? Need I ask about sex? And it is more than apparent I am magic personified.

I can’t wait to see where this takes me. Once again I will be traveling all over the globe in search of adventure and mayhem. I am excited. All I can say is people need to watch out! I’m magic.. Yes magic.. Sex magic


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