Every month Oprah publishes a list of 10 things she knows for sure in her magazine. In the spirit of Oprah my leader, I also constructed a list of 10 things I know for sure. I encourage you to make your own list. 

10 Things Oracle Knows for Sure

  1. Hard work gets you more hard work.
  2. Some people's taste is only in their mouths and even that is questionable.
  3. When you are the smartest person in the room, you also win the prize of being the most lonely.  Everyone else is going to bore you to tears. 
  4. My puppy loves me unconditionally. I feed him.
  5. A stinky mood can be fixed through music and aromatherapy. If that doesn't work try Jack Daniels and a Xanax.
  6. White shoes should only be worn by a nurse.
  7. Drinking soda turns you into a fatass. Also candy, cookies, chips, and everything else delicious does as well.
  8. True love is easily found. Namely at DSW or the Gucci store. 
  9. Someone who is excellent in bed is rarely good at much else. They can completely rely on their skills in the sack. When you are on the top of the food chain you care little about cultivating a personality.
  10. Money is not the root of all evil, yet lack of money is the root of all crime. 

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On February 1, 2010 at 7:45 AM , Anonymous said...

The ability to go against the grain and wear white shoes is a mark of distinction, and character. You would do well to pay special attention to those who can wear white shoes and avoid looking like a nurse.