It is time to let go. I know it is. I am always playing the safe route. Banking on things I can count on. I need to start cliff diving. I need feel how glorious the air rushing around my body as it is in flight. I can’t live a life in fear of failure. I managed to fail numerous times in spite of this dictate. Today I decided fear is not going to paralyze me anymore. I cannot let my faith be misguided. I am placing my faith where it belongs. IN ME.

I can feel all my burdens and worries spilling out of my soul like raindrops from swollen clouds. The knots are working themselves out. I am working it out. This time I am not gauging my actions on how they will affect another person. The only person I am taking into account is.. Me… I will not feel sorry for discarded responsibility and people who are left behind. They had their chance. I have been held hostage by lack of vision too long. It is just not worth my effort anymore. I need to invest that energy into myself before it is too late. And with saying that.. I feel free. I feel lighter.. I feel focused..

So. It is time for me to me to spread my pretty wings around. The wind will be my guiding force. Destiny drives me to live the life I was supposed to, not the one orchestrated by others.In living more authentically I will finally come out of hiding. The real me has arrived. And she is lovely.

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