I have been thinking relationships would be so much easier if men took courses on how to get along better with women. Personally after being miserably married for years and years I feel like I am completely qualified to teach said courses.

Oracle's Class Listing for Fall 2010 (ORL)

ORL 208. A (MWF) 11-1  How to not act like an ass although you obviously are an ass
ORL 317. B (T) 12-3        Understanding the female response to spending too much money on     
                                          magic beans & beer                         
ORL 229. A (NET)           Understanding your financial incompetence
ORL 667. A (TBA)          How to go shopping with women and not wander off
ORL 851. A (TTH) 5-6:45 The art of keeping your mouth shut will save your life
ORL 400. B (MWF) 2-3  Acting like a child is not sexy
ORL 646. B (TH) 7-9      You too can be a designated driver
ORL 717. A (NET)          How to take an illness like a man woman
ORL 902. A (NET)          Just because our nipples are hard doesn't mean it is an indication of arousal
ORL 887. B (TBA)          You too can do housework

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