Last night I was asked what my most perfect date would be. One would think I would want some extravagant restaurant, gifts from Tiffany and Co, and to be serenaded by a violin soloist. Although that would be lovely and I would not turn it down, my tastes are much simpler. I just want peace. To get along with someone. The ability to talk without thinking "what a dumbass" over and over and over throughout the night. When you have to rely on all sorts of bells and whistles once the parade stops and the two of you are left with silence and no accouterments; you might not like who you are with. (This has happened to me more times than I want to admit) A wiser Oracle knows that a solid foundation will always support any structure be it fancy or simple. A weak foundation will cause the building to come crashing down around the couple. You just can't patch up a raggedy relationship forever. Eventually the Dyke overtook the little Dutch Boy.  Soo.. I would like to spend my perfect date doing focusing on the other person. Getting to KNOW them.. Talking.. Doing easy breezy things. This is my story board for the perfect date.
I mean come on.. Why not have what you REALLY want! He's yummy!
Walking in the park is one of my favorite things ever, especially Central Park.
Flowers are lovely, but there is something about pink balloons which brings the child out in me.
Who can resist cotton candy?
Pink Cupcakes. Would you expect any less?
Adult beverages!
Blowing bubbles! Simple pleasure!
Cheese and Fruit Tray

My Perfect Date

Comments (2)

On May 18, 2010 at 8:39 AM , Kim said...

I just want dude in the picture to show up an wearing the same ensemble an hope he's in a big, black, shiny dualie.. I don't' care where we go. LOL

On May 20, 2010 at 11:11 PM , Michelle said...

that looks like a fun date.... one thing I have found that I loved from the get go about my honey.. is being able to be together and not talk.. and not do... to just be... no awkwardness.