It is no secret the show Jersey Shore on MTV sucked me in. Each week the "characters" managed to either provide some soundbite worthy of committing to memory OR something major happened which was discussed at work for hours and hours. We even watched the show AT work which is a major NO NO. If we got caught, let's just say it would have been curtains for Oracle and crew. So. Jersey Shore. I understand people FROM New Jersey hate hate hate the show. They believe it is not an accurate representation of people from New Jersey. Also, Italian Americans are up in arms as well. To tell you the truth.. It is not that serious people. After the Soprano's the rest of America had out opinions set about people from New Jersey and there was nothing The Situation, JWOWW, Snookie, DJ Paulie D, Vinnie or the rest of the cast could have done to make it worse. So as I watch the reunion show, I am left with great sadness as the show is over and I am without my weekly entertainment. Jersey Shore picked up where the Real World left off years ago. The Real World lost it's edge with boring forgettable characters and desperately thrown together hodge podge snooze worthy story lines. Thank you MTV for creating a "reality show" that was actually entertaining in a guilty pleasure sorta way. Too bad I do not feel guilty about watching it at all. Right now I am fist pumping my heart out in your honor.

This was considered a make over of the cast?

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On January 23, 2010 at 4:17 PM , Ashley said...

Cant do it... Cant bring myself to watch it